Spring seems so far away but it will be here before we know it in Lexington, Kentucky. This is the time of year where it is warm one day and then cold the next. Similar to the fall, it is a very tempting time of year to keep the heat on in your home. You may crank your heat one cold day, but the next day it is warm outside. This leads you to turn on your air conditioning, only to switch to heat two days later. All of this is a cycle of increasing heating bills. If you can resist keeping your heat on when spring begins, you can save significantly on energy and keep your household expenses lower. Here are some of the best energy-saving ideas that keep your home warm without raising your heating bill:

1.  Cover Windowpanes

An interesting fact that many people don’t know is that when warm indoor air comes into contact with windowpanes, heat is lost. In order to avoid losing heat on the colder days, cover your windows with thermal curtains. Just switching out your lighter summer curtains with thermal coverings will keep your house much warmer and save you a lot of money.

2.  Seal Cold Air Leaks

The cold air can easily enter through gaps and cracks around your house, and the warm indoor air can escape. If you seal air leaks on warm days, this will keep your home warmer on the colder days. Your house will retain more of the heat your heating system produces when it is turned on. The best places to make sure that are sealed are around your windows and doorframes.

If your home is still not heating well, Climate Control is a locally owned and operated company that can help with any HVAC problems or concerns. Save on utility bills by making sure your furnace is working properly.

3.  Use Layers – to Save on Your Heating Bill

On the colder days, it is easy to run straight for the thermostat and crank the heat. Instead of increasing your energy bill, you should try to layer up first. Pull out your warmest sweater and fuzziest socks. Adding a heavy blanket when you sleep holds your body heat close to you all night. Try wearing wool. Clothing made with Merino wool is much softer and less itchy than traditional wool.

This is an easy way to save money on your heating bill while still staying warm as we transition into the spring months.

4.  Keep Warm at Night

In addition to closing curtains and blinds to keep out the cold at night, sleep cozily with a few easy changes. Pile extra blankets on your bed and switch to flannel sheets in the winter. Also, add a down comforter to your bedding. These simple changes save money and allow you to sleep much better.

While you’re relaxing at night watching a show or reading a book, treat yourself to a favorite blanket. You can also turn on the fireplace for warmth and a cozy setting.

Overall, there is no reason to waste money on heating systems during the springtime. By using the three ideas above, you can stay warm in your home without spending money by turning on and off the furnace.

If you do use your heating systems and experience any issues, companies such as Climate Control offer reliable services for repairing or replacing your HVAC systems.