Employees rank being too hot or too cold as the top problems of employee productivity. In today’s competitive market output goals are at an all-time high and therefore the temperature within the workplace needs to be at an optimal setting. Climate Control Corp in Lexington can resolves these issues by helping you find the optimal workplace temperature while saving money.



Temperatures at work can affect employee productivity. The optimal temperature for the greatest output of work is between 68 and 71. Temperatures within your Lexington business should be maintained to keep employees comfortable and productive. If temperature variance is affecting your employees then it should be addressed by checking for possible HVAC issues.


Humidity Levels

Optimal humidity levels should be between 20 and 60 percent. Humidity levels can change how people perceive temperatures. If your humidity is too high in your building, then your AC unit is forced to work harder to keep the perception of being cool. This puts excess strain on your HVAC equipment which can lead to more repairs. This also cost more money to run efficiently. Climate Control Corp has an excellent reputation for inspecting, installing and repairing dehumidifiers. A dehumidifier will keep humidity levels under control and keep employees able to work effectively.


Risky Employee Solutions

Some employees take matters of temperature control into their own hands through risky employee solutions. Employees that are too cold have been found to bring in small heaters which they keep in their work area. These heaters can be extremely dangerous fire hazards. Some employees block AC and heat registers and others attempt to control the thermostat which can cause a constant changing of temperatures between employees. All of these solutions can impede the operation of your HVAC system as it tries to balance out the differing temperatures. This usually makes the situation worse, causes damage to your HVAC equipment cost more on your utility bill.


How to Achieve Workplace Temperature Harmony


HVAC Design Layout

Different rooms within a business have different purposes and capacities and therefore need specialized design layout to achieve the optimal temperature. Smaller rooms that have meetings with many people need the temperature to be cooler. An HVAC design layout also need s to take into consideration the perimeter offices versus the interior ones and the amount of occupancy at varying times of the day. If renovations have been done within your building, but the HVAC design layout has not been addressed then you will most likely have employee discomfort and less productivity. If your business is in need of design layout for your HVAC system contact our Lexington office at Climate Control Corp.


HVAC Repairs and Maintenance

HVAC repairs and maintenance need to be top priorities within your business. Keeping employees comfortable in their workplace is key to productivity. Be sure to schedule maintenance and make repairs to your HVAC system promptly when needed. Temperature variance can be caused by not maintaining your HVAC system. Proper maintenance of your system will ensure it’s running at peak performance.


Investing in your HVAC system in your Lexington business can save a lot in energy and repair bills. You will also save money by keeping your employees happy and productivity high. Contact Climate Control Corp in Lexington and schedule an inspection of your HVAC system and talk to our highly trained technicians about HVAC design layout and maintenance.