Summer time creates a whole new reason some people dread going into the office each day – it’s too hot! Cutting cooling use is a strategy many workplaces use to keep energy costs down, but in turn they sacrifice the comfort, and possibly productivity, of their workforce.

If your office is feeling hot and stuffy this summer, try these tips to stay cool.

Submit a Cost-Savings Plan for Cooling

Many of today’s workplaces encourage employees to get creative and share their ideas to save the business money – many offer generous rewards for doing so. If your office uses an older cooling system with no zoning, there are many upgrades which your company may be willing to tackle – if they know about them. Zoning systems, high efficiency cooling systems, programmable thermostats – these are great solutions for offices.

Cover Your Window

Your office’s window may be heating up the room! Thermal energy can make indoor temperatures rise. Cover your window when it’s getting direct sunlight to stay cooler.

Turn Off Unused Electronics

If you’re not using your printer, copier, fax, or other electronics, turn them off! They generate a good amount of heat which is released into your surroundings, making you feel warmer.

Get a Dehumidifier

If your office feels muggy during the summer months, your building may have a moisture problem. Try an affordable, portable dehumidifier for your office to remove moisture in your personal space. Don’t forget to empty the water reservoir daily.

Drink Water

Drinking water is excellent for your health anyway, but will also help your body stay cooler. Dehydration throws off your body’s ability to keep temperatures regulated. Cool or ice water will not only keep you hydrated, but will keep your body at a more comfortable temperature.


Climate Control knows how to help business owners keep their buildings comfortable and workers happy. Contact us today to learn about the energy saving comfort solutions that’ll help you cut costs and keep your employees comfortable all Summer.