Lexington air conditioners and heat pumps can suffer restricted performance in the summertime if air flow is hindered. Blockages to proper air flow can cause stress to your equipment, leading to overheating, decreased output, and excessive energy consumption. Follow these tips throughout the summer to improve HVAC air flow in Lexington.

  • Clean your exterior air conditioner condenser or heat pump unit. Grass clippings and yard debris may build up on the fins throughout the summer, preventing proper air flow. Vegetation surrounding the unit may do so as well. No yard items or patio furniture should be stored within two feet of your cooling unit. If an air conditioner surround is on your summer to-do list, make sure you leave a clearance of two feet around the unit – even better, use an open design that doesn’t limit air flow to your unit. This will help to improve your HVAC air flow in Lexington. 
  • Keep all vents inside the home open and uncovered. Rugs, furniture, and other items may be accidentally placed over them – perform periodic checks to ensure they’re uncovered. Some homeowners close vents in unused areas to save money, but this actually disrupts air flow and could negatively impact your home’s HVAC systems – having a zoning system professionally installed will solve this issue and help you save more money on energy bills.
  • Change your air filters regularly throughout the summer. Most air filters need to be changed anywhere from every one to six months, but during the summer, your system is running around the clock, causing your air filter to pick up more contaminants. Check it monthly throughout the summer and change as it becomes clogged. Consider using a filter with a rating of 8 to 12 for optimal contaminant control and improved air flow. This will improve HVAC air flow. 

If you believe your Lexington cooling system is suffering from restricted air flow, contact Climate Control today. Our certified cooling technicians will diagnose your system and provide the solutions you need to improve performance.