Surprisingly, it is the smallest mistakes or negligence that result in the costliest of repairs and high energy bills!

In this article, you’ll know about some basic slip-ups you ought to avoid with regards to your Ac unit.

Taking care of these issues will result in a superior performance of the unit and lower energy and maintenance costs. Have a look!

Mistake#1: Wrongly-Sized AC Unit

The worst mistake you can make is the wrong selection of an AC unit. All AC units are manufactured to suit a particular size of area/home. They are made with a specific amount of “air space” to serve the purpose. Your unit could end up being completely useless if it is too little or too big for the area you need to cover.

All units have a British Thermal Unit (BTU) rating, commonly between of 5,000 to 15,000. As a rule of thumb, each square foot of room space needs 20 BTU, in addition to 600 BTU for each individual living in the room. You may need to extend it by up to a 10 percent if the room has high roofs, gets a considerable measure of daylight, and so forth.

All things considered, ensure you don’t purchase a unit that is too huge either! A ‘larger-than-average’ unit will continually turn on and off and won’t have the capacity to dehumidify the room. This humidity can influence a space to feel significantly hotter than it actually is.

Mistake#2: Opened Windows and Doors

A lot of people don’t fully comprehend how air conditioners function. The AC pulls in the warm air from the room and lets it through a refrigerant that captures the heat from the air. The now-cooled air is blown again into the room while the captured heat is removed out from the back of the unit.


This is the reason window units should be mounted in a shut window and focal units should be mounted outside. “Inside and outside air” should be disconnected from each other all together for the air conditioning to work. In case your windows or entryways are open, the heat that gets removed is simply going to return right in.

Mistake#3: Keeping the Unit On Always

Most people adopt this technique of leaving their AC running at the same temperature. They think it is good for the unit. However, that is not true. In fact, turning off your unit while you are away and turning it on when you are back is the smart choice. It allows the unit to rest and saves you energy costs too.

Mistake 4: Forgetting to Clean Between Seasons

Because of all the hot and chilly air that AC units deal with, a major problem is condensation. It’s typical to see water dribbling from the AC when it’s working. But when an AC unit isn’t cleaned between seasons, condensation can develop and result in mold and bacteria.


These harmful elements go into the air you breathe and make you sick. They lead to medical problems including asthma, pneumonia, mold invasion, and even Legionnaire’s infection.


Besides, you ought to consider regular maintenance to keep AC issues at bay. It is the key to saving cash on repairs and preventing high energy costs. It additionally gives you peace of mind and extra comfort. Also, you’d obviously not want your unit to ditch you on a hot summer day.


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