Indeed all homeowners endeavor to keep their air conditioners well-maintained and enjoy the comfort they provide for a long time. In this article you will read about practices that cause air conditioners to malfunction.

It is undoubtedly a good prospect.  But keeping your air conditioner well-maintained at all times is difficult. However, with the correct strategy and knowledge, you can achieve it.

With this, you can increase the durability of your air conditioning unit and reduce the frequent need of costly repairs. And knowing it is difficult to survive summer without an AC, you would surely want to know how to keep your unit working fine!

Nonetheless, some people follow the outdated rules or don’t know the rules at all. They do so to improve the efficiency of their unit or think that the unit will manage it all itself. But unfortunately, this can only lead to severe damage and losses. These misconceptions have been present for a long time but it’s time to lay them to rest.

Some of these common misconceptions/myths include the following.

1.     Keeping the thermostat on a low temperature can cool faster

Most people think adjusting their thermostat at the lowest temperature can cool the surroundings faster. This is the biggest misconception. The truth is that an air conditioner adjusts the room temperature at the same pace regardless of the thermostat temperature.

Thus, the professionals suggest setting the temperature at 26 degrees. This way you can get the optimum efficiency while cutting on your energy bills.

2.     The installation of the air conditioner unit can be done anywhere

Indeed latest AC units are efficient and are capable of surviving severe weather conditions. But it does not mean that you can be neglectful and install it anywhere.

AC installation has a huge impact on its performance in the long run. This makes it important for you to install the unit at a suitable location. It should be installed at a shady spot where it remains shielded against direct sunlight exposure and other heat sources. Bushes or trees should also be avoided so that the air flow is not hampered.

3.     Choosing a refrigerant without professional help

Introducing or replacing the refrigerant without professional assistance will nullify your AC’s warranty and taper its performance. Furthermore, this may cause severe damage to the whole air conditioner system.

Some homeowners also consider replacing their refrigerants with cheaper ones. This annuls the warranty and poses you to costly repairs and other losses in the long run.

4.     There is no need of scheduling regular maintenance activities

Another fallacy that homeowners believe in is that regular maintenance is simply a waste of time and money. They believe the unit will run on optimum levels without getting serviced.

As per the professionals, every HVAC unit requires regular maintenance to perform at optimum levels throughout their useful life. As much it is Important to ensure regular maintenance, it is imperative you select the appliances/equipment with professional help.

In Lexington, KY, you might come across several service providers offering cheap services. But they don’t have adequate experience or skills to perform these tasks. And while you might feel happy about spending less, you will end up spending a lot more when the problem comes.

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