HVAC services are required for repairs, replacements or installations of units at newly built residential and commercial sites. Climate Control Corp is a popular name when it comes to heating and air condition repairs and services in Lexington, Kentucky.

 From inspecting and introducing routine fixes to dealing with complete air conditioner failures, they handle everything. The experts are familiar with and apt at anything related to air conditioners and heating systems.

Climate Control Corp has the expertise required for the task and deal professionally. The technicians are trained regularly so that they are well-informed of the latest technologies and appliances and how to sort out their issues.

Air Conditioning Services in Lexington, Kentucky

Summer is almost here and you cannot afford for your air conditioner to ditch you suddenly! Precaution is definitely better than winging it and so it is best you call an expert to inspect your HVAC system beforehand. This could save you heaps of money and prevent a lot of HVAC problems and emergencies.

In any case, here is a list of common air conditioning related tasks you’d need professional help for.

1.     Selecting a Suitable Air Conditioning Unit

One of the most important things you should consider when opting for new air conditioner installation is the ‘size’ of the unit. Most people do not know what size of the unit suitable for their house and end up choosing wrong-sized units.

A unit that’s oversized may cool the indoors in just a few moments but will fail to work for long when it comes to dehumidifying your home which is a prominent problem in Fort Worth.

On the other hand, an air conditioning unit that is undersized will not be able to maintain consistent temperatures that you desire in your home.

2.     Choosing AC Installation Options

Present day HVAC appliances are intended to make your home comfortable. Give you your peace of mind, and make it easy for you to operate the system. With the advancement of technology, some of the latest AC installation options have been introduced including:

  • Two-Stage Compression
  • Higher Efficiency Levels
  • Wireless Integration
  • Ultra-quiet Operation
  • Remote Access

A professional will offer you the best possible option and ensure it is correctly introduced.

3.     Routine Air Conditioner Repairs

The air conditioning system is meant to keep you from extreme temperatures by battling them through ventilation.

AC problems either result in fixes or replacement of the appliances. For air conditioning services in Lexington, Kentucky we recommend Climate Control Corp.

Professional HVAC technicians are certified and ensure that the work they do gives you long-time relief.

They also carry suitable tools and conform to the necessary precautions to ensure safety.

There is no greater torment than turning on your AC on a summer day only to see it is not functioning.

Following are the first few signs/problems that indicate you need to reach out to a professional for repairs.

  • Unusual sounds from the system
  • Bad indoor air quality
  • The unit frequently turning on and off
  • Breakdowns
  • Undesired temperatures
  • Leakages

4.     Emergency Repairs


AC issues come unannounced and result in emergency situations. They pose you to huge losses and haphazard circumstances.

But fret not; Climate Control Corp is just a call away. Whether it is an ordinary repair, a  routine examination, or an emergency situation, you can always count on them!