Spring is about to arrive Lexington, and its time you began thinking about getting your air conditioner in shape for the coming months. A Spring Clean & Check performed by the experts at Climate Control Corp is a sure-fire measure you should take to ensure your air conditioner is ready when you need it. It’s time for some HVAC system spring cleaning!

Why do you need a Spring Clean & Check?

During a Spring Clean & Check, our certified air conditioning technicians will provide your system with the care it needs to perform optimally during the coming months. HVAC system spring cleaning is very important.  We clean critical components and evaluate the entire system. We look for flaws that require correction in order to improve performance. We’ll also take the time to speak with you regarding the condition of your system. We will also talk about improvements you may want to make.

Benefits of a Spring Clean & Check

Improved performance and efficiency: Did you know that by having your air conditioner serviced every Spring, you could save 20 percent on your operating costs? The cleaning and care we perform reduces system stress and allows your air conditioner to function at optimal performance levels. By boosting performance, issues causing the system to draw excess energy are resolved, lowering your energy bills. Lexington, it’s time for an HVAC system spring cleaning! Optimal performance mean’s you’ll also benefit from enhanced comfort.

Extended service life: Annual maintenance for your air conditioning system can also extend the unit’s service life. This can potentially save you thousands in replacement costs. The care we provide resolves wear and tear issues. And other problems which could extensively damage the system if overlooked. Spring Clean & Check service allows us to evaluate your system for errors before the start of cooling season. Therefore, we can eliminate performance problems which could lead to a breakdown in the summer. This service will also help you avoid unexpected repair bills this year!

Schedule your spring clean & check today; call Climate Control Corp at 859-469-4182 or check out our contact page  and you’ll be on your way towards boosting comfort and performance this summer season!