Climate Control System for Employees’ Well-Being

Most people spend a minimum of 8-9 hours of a day at their workplace, indoors, tied down to a desk. This makes the surrounding environment an important factor in determining employee’s wellness and productivity.  

Failure to provide a safe and healthy working environment not only damages a company’s productivity but also neglects many workplace laws. To function effectively, every employee needs optimal environmental conditions: a place where there is adequate heat, air, light and visual comfort.  Here are a couple reasons why a climate control system is beneficial to your employees. 

Improper Air Distribution Causes Trouble at Workplace

It is noted that sometimes the air quality in a commercial building can be worse off than that of an industrial area. Seeing that an employee spends most of their time indoors, makes air quality of the office an important factor for employee well being.

In building built for commercial use, HVAC works on heating and cooling the air and also circulating the outside air throughout the building.

Installing a poorly designed system can cause many problems, like inadequate ventilation of outdoor air. Due to management and design flaws, the air ducts are blocked owing to poor maintenance or poor placement, inhibiting the supply of outdoor air to the people.

Another problem can be the improper placement of air intake vents. They become a problem when the placement of these vents is done close to undesirable areas like a dumpster, traffic, fumes emission, exhaust pipes, or near a toilet. This makes the ventilation system a contributor to indoor air pollution and the air that your employees get to breath is unhealthy.  

Similarly, air pollution that is caused in one office space may travel through vents, lift and shaft to another office space. The inefficient building design is also a contributing factor to the transmission of the air pollutant from one part to another.  People who are exposed to these pollutants may face health issues; therefore a smart climate control system should be in place to make the workplace better.

Keeping in mind that the intake of polluted air increases the chance of catching other diseases, this can severely affect the employee health and performance. More sick employees will eventually lead to an increase in a number of sick leaves.  

HVAC System Boost Your Workplace Environmental Condition

HVAC control system enhances the environmental condition of your workplace. It manipulates the ideal temperature throughout the building, keeps the area properly ventilated. Moreover, with HVAC Zoning process, you can now maintain different temperature according to the different zone’s requirement. For example, in an office storage space, you can keep a higher temperature compared to the rest of the rooms.  

A high-efficiency HVAC frequently circulates air; and also, control and monitor the outdoor air needs of a building. Moreover, it can also reduce the humidity level of a building.  

An employee will perform better when provided with a safe and healthy environment. Moreover, failure to meet the regulation set by the government for workplace environment can cause you a heavy fine.  

If you are in search of an HVAC system for a better functioning and employee friendly office get in touch with Climate Control.  

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