Lexington homeowners may not realize how much the placement of their thermostat affects the performance of their heating and cooling system.  Temperatures can be hit and miss if your thermostat is giving false reads continuously.  Climate Control understands the benefits of proper thermostat installation and placement.  Below are a few tips to help Lexington homeowners decide where their thermostat should be. 

The Best Locations

There are a few ideal locations for where a thermostat can be placed.  You should keep a thermostat away from drafty areas or near your heating system.  Other ideal locations are:

  • Interior wall adjacent from the heating system
  • On an interior wall in a room that is used the most often
  • In homes with zoning systems, a thermostat should be ideally located in each zone for accurate heating and cooling of the zone

Moving a thermostat can cost more money since it requires new wires to be ran but the money saved in the future makes the move worth it. Positioning your thermostat in an ideal location improves accuracy, helping your heating and cooling systems work more efficiently, and reduces the extra burden on the systems, helping them stay in service longer.

Not So Great Locations

Thermostats that give false readings prevent proper distribution of conditioned air throughout your home.  False reads also make your furnace or air conditioner work twice as hard to maintain a comfortable temperature inside.  These are a few locations that hinder your thermostat from giving accurate readings:

  • Exterior walls that tend to have drafts from windows and doors
  • Kitchens where the temperature is affected by appliances that produce heat
  • Areas near garage doors or doors leading outside
  • Corner locations trap air and cause false readings

If your system has to work harder to maintain a temperature it will wear down faster.  You will have more service repairs because of breakdowns from damaged components.  These repairs will continue to escalate as time goes on and soon you will have to invest in a whole new heating and cooling system.

It’s time to take control of the temperature inside your home! Call Climate Control today and ask for information regarding proper thermostat placement.  We can also assist you with moving a thermostat or installing a new one in your home.