There are many different ways ductwork can become obstructed. To determine if you have clogged ductwork, there are a few symptoms you might come across.  If you have any of these symptoms, a certified HVAC technician can provide options on how to clean them and improve the efficiency of your HVAC system.

Symptoms of an Obstruction

There are a few ways to determine if the problem with your HVAC system is due to clogged ductwork. 

  • Temperatures vary between different rooms in your home
  • Your energy bill has increased
  • Visible dust or debris around vents
  • Air filter is clogged with dust
  • Interior air conditioning components have dust or debris on them

All of these symptoms are evidence that your ductwork is either clogged or obstructed and needs to be inspected by an HVAC professional. 

Reasons for an Obstruction

The most common reasons for an obstruction are:

  • Air filter that is clogged with dirt or debris, or the filter has fallen completely into the ductwork and is obstructing airflow
  • Leaky ducts due to poor installation, which pulls sections of ductwork apart or prevents them from sealing properly
  • Leaky ducts that are old and need resealed
  • Insulation on the inside of ductwork that has become loose and fallen into the ductwork
  • Flex ducts which are more prone to denting or collapsing
  • Dampers that are part of a zoning system can become closed or partially closed

When your ductwork is blocked it reduces the airflow inside your home and can also reduce your indoor air quality.  Discovering the reason behind obstructed ductwork and repairing the problem prevents it from happening again in the future.  Typically Lexington homeowners should have their ductwork cleaned annually to prevent major problems later.

Climate Control is able to assist you with your ductwork problems and improving the efficiency of your HVAC unit.  Call us today and schedule a service call with one of our skilled and certified experts!