A little over 100 years ago, air conditioning didn’t exist and people had to come up with creative ways to cool their homes.  Climate Control has specialized in HVAC services for close to 50 years and we are amazed with how air conditioning for homes has evolved.  Step back in time and see how cooling was achieved in homes prior to the invention of modern air conditioning.

Using Nature’s Air Conditioning

Years ago, people spent more time outdoors. Homes used natural wind and shade to keep cool.  Here are some of the more popular methods of outdoor cooling:

  • Large trees and climbing vines along the exterior of a house created added shade.
  • Separate buildings were built for bathing, doing laundry, and cooking during the hottest parts of the day.
  • Wrap-around screened-in porches became popular areas for socializing, eating, and even sleeping.

Design and Construction of Home

Through the design and positioning of a home, natural ventilation was used to cool the interior of a house.  The placement of windows, doors, and interior walls was based on the projected wind patterns in the area.  This produced a cross ventilation throughout the home, allowing breezes to come in and out through windows and doors.  Homeowners used the top and the bottom of windows to produce different effects with the air. 

Another method to cool a home was through something called cool construction.  Cool construction is when a house is built on columns or blocks so that the airflow beneath the house is constant.  The exterior walls were designed to be thick in order to keep heat out and shutters were used on the windows to block direct sunlight.

Electric Fans

Electric fans came into play in the late 1800’s and were utilized in homes across the country.  Fans moved air around – when air hit someone, it would feel cooler than the stagnant air inside the room.

Understanding how people stayed cool before ACs became the norm is interesting – luckily, air conditioners are commonplace in almost every home today.  Don’t get stuck in the heat with a failing air conditioning system – call Climate Control today and schedule repair service.  We promise you honesty, quality service, and fair pricing when it comes to installations and all HVAC services!