Lexington homeowners care deeply for their pets but they don’t always realize how much pets affect their heating and cooling systems.  Your HVAC units can be hindered by your pets’ hair and dander, which can impact its performance and efficiency.  With proper maintenance of your home and air conditioner this summer, you can save money and cool your home more efficiently.

Common Do it Yourself Solutions

There are a few things you can do on your own to help your air conditioner run more efficiently when it comes to pets. Most effective is regularly cleaning surfaces, vacuuming carpets, and sweeping floors.  Pet hair and dander circulate throughout your home.  They get caught on furniture, in carpets, and on floors.  Pet dander also cycles through the air.

Grooming also helps prevents hair from floating and landing on surfaces in your home.  Whether you prefer sending your pet to the groomers or doing it yourself, weekly grooming keeps shedding down in your home.

Solutions from an HVAC Professional

Other solutions to keep your air conditioner running efficiently have to do with prevention for your system.  A major component of your AC system is the air filter.  An air filter should typically be replaced every 3 months, depending on the manufacturer’s recommendation and conditions within your home.  Pet owners in Lexington may need to change their filters more often than most.  The pet dander and hair are sucked into the system and trapped in the filter.  If too much hair becomes embedded in the filter, a clog can happen and prevent adequate airflow in your system. 

Preventative maintenance on your ductwork also removes small pet particles that can accumulate over time.  Climate Control has licensed and skilled technicians who perform annual duct cleaning for residents in Lexington.  With clean ducts and a clean air filter, you will notice a huge improvement with your HVAC unit’s efficiency.

Climate Control understands the benefit of an efficient AC system, and strives to offer customers reliable and affordable service.  We’ll service your HVAC unit while you continue to enjoy your pets.  Call us today and see what Climate Control can do for you!