Summer in Lexington means it’s hot and humid outside.  What if the air inside your home is humid as well?  You may feel sometimes a thickness in the air in some areas of your house.  Or worse, a tendency for mold and mildew to grow despite your air conditioner working overtime.  This may mean you have excess humidity within your air. 

Ways to Cut Down Moisture

Here are some steps to reduce moisture inside your home, starting with the main culprit – the bathroom.  Since the bathroom is where most of the water flows, this is where many opportunities to cut back exist.

  • Take Shorter Showers – To avoid excess moisture hanging around your bathroom long after you’ve finished, consider taking a shorter shower. Less steam means less condensation afterwards.
  • Amp Up the Ventilation – Examine the venting system in your bathroom. Does the duct have a fan?  If not, consider having an exhaust fan professionally installed.  If you have an exhaust fan but doesn’t seem to have enough power to quickly clear the room, look into upgrading your unit. 
  • Find a Window – If the bathroom has a window, try leaving it open while you shower. Pay attention when you get out to see if there is less moisture than usual. 

Look at Other Areas

Once you’ve addressed the bathroom, look for ways to reduce humidity around the rest of the house. 

  • Try Kitty Litter or Calcium Chloride – One easy way to pull water out of the air is to set out a bowl of kitty litter or calcium chloride. Change every couple of weeks as the material will become saturated with moisture.
  • Cover the Soil – If you have many house plants, consider adding a layer of rocks or something else suitable to help keep the moisture in the soil instead of in the air.

Seek Professional Help

If you still have a clammy house after taking these steps, consider a whole-house dehumidifier.  These systems provide powerful moisture removal across the entire home.  A NATE-certified technician at Climate Control of Lexington can help guide you through the process, selecting the right dehumidifier to address your moisture issues and performing reliable installation of your new unit.