To improve the air quality in your home this summer, consider the effects of grass pollen and how it spreads.  While many people think of spring as allergy season, spring is really only the season for pollen from trees.  Grass pollen is pervasive all summer, and can make homeowners miserable.  Just a few easy preventive measures, though, can drastically reduce the allergens in your home.

From the Outside In

First, think about all the ways that pollen gets tracked into the house.  Start a few habits that will limit grass pollen indoors:

  • Keep the windows shut whenever possible. Doing so will prevent pollen from floating in.
  • Leave your shoes and jacket at the door. Shoes are a pollen magnet, so don’t track them around the house.
  • Stop your pet. A quick wiping of paws and brushing of fur will keep the allergens outside. Pets are the perfect vehicle for carrying pollen from place to place. 
  • Wash your hair before bed. This simple step will keep you from sleeping on a pillow full of allergens each night.
  • Empty your vacuum outside. Instead of shaking the dust receptacle out in a trash can inside your home, take it all the way out so that none of the pollen and dust in it escape back into the home’s air.
  • Keep your car covered. Cars tend to get covered with pollen, and every time you touch yours -some of that will transfer to your hands and eventually your face.  Keeping the car in the garage cuts down on how much pollen surrounds it.

Contact an Expert

Looking for more ways to improve the air quality in your home?  Call a NATE-certified professional at Climate Control of Lexington for whole home air purification solutions to cut indoor allergens and reduce symptoms.