It’s July in Lexington and what’s the last thing you want to be dealing with?  That’s right, a broken air conditioning system.  Here are some great tips to help you get through a cooling emergency without losing it.

Troubleshoot First

If you’re lucky, your air conditioning malfunction might not be as big a deal as it seems.  Go through a basic series of checks to rule out an easy fix. 

  • Thermostat – Check your thermostat to make sure it is working and is set to the ‘cool’ setting. If it is not hardwired into the electrical system, the batteries may need to be replaced.  If it is hardwired, check the electrical box to be sure the breaker hasn’t tripped.
  • Air Filters – Clogged air filters can actually shut the system down. Without unobstructed air movement, heat can be trapped inside the system and cause it to power down to prevent further damage.  Clean a reusable filter thoroughly or replace a disposable one to take care of the issue.  Make sure to give it a little time to cool down before turning it on again if the shut down just happened.

Power Down for Protection

Once you’ve determined it may be a real issue with the system, shut it down until it can be repaired.  Running a malfunctioning A/C can lead to more significant problems.  Keep it powered down until reinforcements arrive.

Contact an Expert

Get in touch with a professional as soon as you know it’s not an easy fix.  Call the NATE-certified technicians at Climate Control of Lexington today to get your cooling system repaired quickly.  We offer 24 hour emergency service to make sure our customers are comfortable around the clock.  The competition may make you wait until the next day or even longer; we will get your home system back up and running as soon as possible