Lexington households use their cooling systems each day during the summer to keep indoor environments comfortable. Because it’s working so hard, your air conditioner needs a little extra care this summer to maintain performance. Follow these protective tips to keep your cooling system in top shape this summer.

Check it regularly

Yardwork and summer storms can create debris, which may gather around your exterior condenser or heat pump. These items can block air from moving through your system, or cause damage to the unit when falling. Regularly check your outdoor cooling equipment during the summer months to make sure it is not obstructed or damaged.

Change filters

Typically, air filters need to be changed every three to six months, depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations. In the summer, your cooling system is operating constantly, moving air through the system. With higher use, your air filter may become clogged with contaminants sooner than you expect. It’s a smart idea to visually check your air filter each month during times of high system use. Replace it more frequently if you notice it becomes full of contaminants faster.

Turn your system off for repair

It’s common to overlook a cooling system performance issue and continue to run the air conditioner – but this can cause more damage to the system, resulting in expensive repairs or the need to replace the unit entirely. If you notice issues such as new, troublesome operating noises or no airflow into your home, turn off the air conditioner and call for repair right away. Doing so may cause slight discomfort, but it will protect your air conditioner and potentially save you money.

Climate Control’s NATE-certified air conditioner repair technicians are available to solve your cooling system performance issues quickly. Call us at the first sign of trouble for expert repair service.