You’ve probably heard it before, but we’re here to reinforce it – preventative maintenance for HVAC systems is so important! It’s not just us saying it – HVAC equipment manufacturers even recommend preventative maintenance service once a year for furnaces and air conditioners, and twice a year for heat pumps (as they work year-round). If you’re unsure of the key benefits this service provides, we’ll explain them below.

Protects your system from breakdowns

Preventative maintenance is meant to protect your HVAC systems, preventing problems that stop your equipment from working efficiently, properly, or completely. As your technician performs the steps of the maintenance tune-up, they’re looking your system over entirely. Because of their knowledge and background, they can identify areas in need of attention now, and minor problems which could worsen with use. These issues can be fixed during the preseason, preventing damage when it’s time to use your system.

Better performance and efficiency

During a preventative maintenance tune-up, your technician will lubricate components, tighten them, and clean away crud that has built up over the last year. These tasks help your furnace, heat pump, or air conditioner run easier, without stress to the system which can result from wear and tear. With a boost in performance, energy efficiency of the system also improves. With a yearly maintenance tune-up, you’ll gain lower energy bills and more reliable, even comfort indoors.

Extended service life

A preventative maintenance tune-up eliminates the buildup and wear and tear which stresses the system as it runs. Over time, a stressed system loses efficiency, and suffers more breakdowns. Poorly maintained systems don’t last as long as properly maintained equipment – be vigilant about scheduling preventative maintenance and you may be rewarded with a few extra years of service from your system.

Climate Control offers preventative maintenance agreements to keep Lexington home and business owners on schedule with needed system maintenance. Get priority scheduling for your annual system maintenance, plus other benefits when you become a preventative maintenance agreement customer. Contact Climate Control today for more information.