Spring will be here before we know it, along with April showers. Lighting strikes pose a danger to the sensitive electronic equipment in your home – including your heating and air conditioning systems. Learn how storms can damage your HVAC equipment and what you can do to protect these essential appliances!

Power Surges Caused by Lightning and Other Sources

When lightning strikes your home or nearby, a surplus of electrical voltage can run through your home’s electrical system. Your HVAC equipment and other devices are not capable of handling such a heavy load, and may sustain instant damage when exposed to high voltages. A power surge caused by lightning can instantly shut your system down, or create damage that will cause system performance issues.

Lightning strikes aren’t the only source creating power surges – they aren’t even the most common culprit. While lightning storms do pose a threat, most power surges are caused by internal sources, such as bad wiring or electrical components in your home, or constant appliance cycling.  No matter the source of the surge, it has the potential to cause extensive and expensive damage to your home’s comfort systems.

HVAC Surge Protectors Safeguard Heating & Cooling Equipment

HVAC systems cost thousands of dollars to install – to protect this investment, homeowners should have HVAC surge protectors installed. Surge protectors detect voltage spikes and cut off the flow of electricity, preventing exposure to an increased electrical load.

For the best protection, use a whole-home surge protector in combination with outlet surge protectors for your heating and cooling systems. A whole-home surge protector works to block power surges throughout the home, as a first line of defense. Outlet surge protectors installed for your furnace, air conditioner, or heat pump offer dedicated protection for specific devices. While power surges cannot 100% be prevented, but using HVAC surge protectors enhance protection for these expensive systems.


Safeguard your Lexington home’s heating and cooling systems when you have HVAC surge protectors installed by Climate Control. Our skilled technicians will set up your HVAC systems with the proper protection to curb damage caused by power surges, no matter their source. Contact us today to schedule an estimate.