Many Lexington homes and businesses utilize heat pumps or furnaces for indoor heating. Alone, each is a good option for heating, but new technology has combined these systems to create a more comfortable and efficient option: hybrid heating.

What are hybrid heating systems?

Hybrid heating systems, also known as hybrid dual fuel heating systems, combine a furnace (powered by natural gas, oil, or propane) with a heat pump (which uses electricity) to both heat and cool a home or business throughout the year. The advantage of using a hybrid heating system rather than a furnace or heat pump alone is the ability to utilize the appropriate equipment given outdoor conditions, providing maximized efficiency.

During cooling season, the heat pump component pulls warmth from indoor air, expelling it outdoors for cooling. The heat pump can also operate in reverse, moving heat into the home when outdoor temperatures are chilly, but mild.

When outdoor temperatures fall below about 40 degrees, heat pumps cannot operate as efficiently. At this point, the furnace would be more efficient, so the hybrid heating system runs the furnace to create heat.

Hybrid heating system advantages

  • Reduced energy consumption: By selecting the optimal heating equipment given current conditions, a hybrid heating system reduces energy consumption, using less fuel than if only a furnace or a heat pump was used throughout the winter. Improved heating efficiency lowers the carbon footprint of the home or business, reducing negative impacts to the environment.
  • Cost savings: By reducing energy consumption, a hybrid heating system can lower your heating bills versus using a standard furnace or heat pump.
  • Better heat distribution: A hybrid heating system doesn’t require constant fuel burning to create heat – instead, indoor temperatures are managed more through circulated refrigerant, providing more uniform heat distribution across the home or business.

Is a hybrid heating system right for your Lexington home or business? Contact Climate Control today to learn more about these efficient systems, installed and maintained by our NATE-certified heating technicians.