Many homes and businesses in the Lexington, KY area are equipped with ductless mini-split heating and cooling systems. In a multi-zone system, there are two or more air handling units installed throughout the residence or building to provide individually-controlled comfort.

So what’s a home or business owner to do if one of these air handlers suddenly stops working? Below, you’ll find troubleshooting steps for a ductless mini-split air handler – attempt these steps to get the air handler back in action.

Solve remote issues

Often, ductless mini-split air handlers are installed recessed into a ceiling or high on a wall. Owners typically use the system’s remote to adjust settings. If your air handler won’t turn on or adjust by using the remote, the remote itself could be the problem. Using a ladder if necessary, access the air handler directly and use its control buttons to make an adjustment. If the unit can be worked using its direct controls, check the remote for issues. Replace the remote’s batteries to see if fresh batteries solve your problem.

Make an adjustment to the unit’s settings

In the wintertime, if an air handler is mistakenly set to cool mode, it will not heat the space. Check your settings to ensure the air handler is on heating mode. Incorrect temperature settings can also cause the unit not to turn on. Turn the temperature up so it’s a few degrees over the current temperature of the room – this should communicate that heating is needed, causing the unit to turn on.

Check the circuit breaker

If your air handler doesn’t appear to have power (the control lights are dark and the unit isn’t turning on), go to your home or office’s electrical panel to check for tripped circuit breakers. If the unit’s circuit breaker is tripped, the unit won’t have power. Reset the tripped circuits, and restart the air handler. If it doesn’t come back on or continues to cause a tripped breaker, a wiring issue could be present. This will require professional repairs for your safety.

After performing these troubleshooting steps, if you find your air handler will not run, give Climate Control a call. Our NATE-certified heating repair technicians will be dispatched as soon as possible to pinpoint heating problems and perform quality repairs.