DIY everything is popular these days, and it can be an excellent way for Lexington residents to save money. Not every project is fit for a DIY-er though, especially when it involves complex heat pump heating and cooling systems.

DIY heat pump repairs can go wrong in an instant when you don’t know precisely what you’re doing – and those YouTube videos and online tutorials you studied beforehand do not give you enough knowledge to know your way around the system entirely. We recommend you call in a professional for heat pump repairs, because attempting them yourself can be downright dangerous to yourself and your Lexington home.

DIY heat pump repairs pose a risk of electric shock. Heat pump systems are powered by electricity, not gas or oil like some furnaces and boilers. Repairs to heat pumps usually involve some contact with the system’s electrical wiring; if you aren’t experienced working with these systems, you may put yourself at risk of electric shock when attempting to DIY heat pump repairs.

Repairing a heat pump yourself can create more extensive problems. When you aren’t trained to work on heat pumps, it can be easy to make mistakes when DIY-ing repairs. Your mistakes could cause more damage to the system, creating extensive problems that wouldn’t have been as severe if you left the repairs to the pros initially.

DIY heat pump repairs can cause damage to your home. Heat pumps heat and cool a home, so they contain refrigerant or water lines to facilitate the cooling process. If these components are damaged during DIY repairs, moisture can leak into the home, causing water damage and mold growth. Refrigerant leaks should never be handled by the average homeowner, as heat pump technicians hold certifications to safely work with refrigerant for the health and safety of humans and the environment.

For professional heat pump repairs performed by NATE-certified heating technicians, contact Climate Control to schedule your consultation now.