Do you plan to hold holiday celebrations in your Lexington home this winter? Will you be welcoming out-of-town guests to stay awhile? Whatever your holiday plans may be, use these helpful holiday HVAC tips to keep your winter guests comfortable.

  1. Turn down the heat

If you’re expecting a crowd for a holiday meal or get-together, the body heat put off by multiple guests is sure to heat up your home. To combat overheating, turn your thermostat down by 5 degrees or so. This will help you keep heating costs in check, as well as keep your guests comfortable.

  1. Use your ceiling fan for warmth

As the doors open and close when guests arrive and leave, heat easily escapes outside. Instead of cranking up the heat and spending more on heating fuel, use your ceiling fan to redistribute the heat already inside. Set fans to spin clockwise – warm air naturally rises to the ceiling, and the fan blades will force warm air down back to your living areas to keep guests warm without adding heat.

  1. Run exhaust fans

Cooking on the stove can create moisture – prevent it from affecting comfort by sending it out of the home, using your exhaust fan. Hosting multiple guests means more showering and hot water use, so make sure everyone is running the bathroom exhaust fan to eliminate moisture buildup.

  1. Change your furnace filter

Before guests arrive, check your furnace filter and change it if necessary. Using a fresh, clean filter will ensure more airborne pollutants are removed from your air supply, and air will flow through the HVAC system as expected.

  1. Only use natural air fresheners and cleaners

Chemical cleaners, air fresheners, and candles add pollutants to your indoor air supply, hurting air quality. Switching to natural products will improve your air quality and help guests feel more comfortable in your home.

Climate Control is available to help you, should a holiday HVAC emergency arise. No heat during Thanksgiving dinner? No problem – give us a call for quick emergency repair service.