Ductwork looks strange to the average homeowner, but believe it or not, there is a method to the madness of having different shapes and sizes of ductwork in one home! The duct system in your Lexington home was built specifically for your structure, to achieve balanced comfort across all rooms no matter how big the home or what type of HVAC equipment is used.

As time goes on, duct systems may become unbalanced, through malfunctions and other issues. This can cause areas of the home to feel chilly while others remain toasty in the winter. To achieve balanced comfort throughout the home, we need to achieve a balanced duct system.

Some duct issues throwing a system off balance include:

  • Faulty dampers: Duct systems contain dampers which regulate airflow through each length of duct. The damper opens and shuts, allowing air to pass. If the damper’s blades are stuck in one position or are not balanced correctly, airflow can be restricted or uncontrolled, causing discomfort to all areas of the home connected to that duct run.
  • Duct leaks: Each ductwork section is sealed to the next using sealants, industrial staples, and other fasteners. The sealants used can degrade over time, and fasteners can separate as air pressure forces gaps between duct sections. Air leaks waste energy and throw off the balance of your duct system.
  • Ducts are the wrong size: While duct systems are designed specifically for your home, there is a possibility that sections are under or oversized. Or, if you replaced the original HVAC system with another, the duct system may not be balanced for that equipment. The size of ductwork affects the pressure within, which can cause areas not to receive adequate airflow.

To find the cause of unbalanced ductwork, our NATE-certified technicians measure the system’s airflow, looking for problem areas. Depending on the source causing unbalanced ducts, we can adjust or replace dampers, seal duct leaks, or resize duct runs.

Climate Control will evaluate your duct system and implement the measures necessary to restore balance in your Lexington home. Contact us today to schedule service for your home’s duct system.