Winter is known for snowflakes, ice skating, hot chocolate, and… cold and flu season. Pesky winter colds and the flue can take seemingly forever to fully shake, and they seem to spread to everyone in your family before you’re fully rid of them.

Did you know your home’s air quality could be making and keeping you sick? Read on to learn how illnesses spread in the home and what you can do to stop them.

Illnesses spread through air circulation

When sick, so many of us rest in bed or on the couch in the comfortable spots we love in our home. When your heating system kicks on or the system’s fan is in use, air begins to circulate. Your germs in the bedroom air travel through the return air supply, back to the furnace where it is heated and sent to living areas throughout your home. Now, your illness is everywhere.

Better indoor air quality makes a healthier household

To keep your family healthier this winter and protect against spreading germs, viruses, and bacteria, take steps to improve your home’s air quality today.

  • High-efficiency furnace filters: If you’re using low-quality disposable filters, it’s no wonder your family gets sick – they simply aren’t capable of removing airborne particles as small as bacteria, viruses, and germs. Upgrade to a filter rated MERV 8 or higher for high-efficiency air filtration.
  • Whole home air purifiers: Want to eliminate up to 99.7% of germs and viruses in your home? A whole home air purifier can do just that. It works with your heating system, capturing these contaminants as air circulates to leave you with healthier indoor air that doesn’t spread sickness to your family members.

Climate Control offers indoor air quality solutions to clean up your home, ridding your air supply of germs, bacteria, and viruses that make and keep your family sick. Contact us today to schedule an evaluation of your home’s air quality.