Dare we say that cooler temperatures are finally here to stay? As heaters and furnaces across Lexington turn on, homeowners will see the reappearance of an old, unwanted statement in their mailboxes – the heating bill.

Don’t worry – you don’t have to let heating costs get out of hand this winter! We’ve put together some HVAC tips that will help you lower your heating energy consumption, resulting in lower heating bills.

  1. Set your stat for winter

Time to reset your programmable thermostat for the winter months! 68 degrees is the ideal indoor temperature which will keep you feeling warm without consuming a great deal of energy. Make sure to program setbacks of 10 degrees or more when you won’t be home, or even while you sleep – doing this for periods of 8 or more hours can save you 10% or more on your heating bills.

  1. Tune up your furnace or heat pump

Call Climate Control today to schedule professional maintenance for your heating system if it hasn’t already been done. Professional tune-ups work to prevent costly efficiency loss – neglected heating systems can lose around 5% of their efficiency yearly. Maintenance may also prevent furnace breakdowns over the winter, sparing you the cost of service calls and repairs.

  1. Check furnace filters monthly

If your furnace or heat pump is running with a dirty air filter, airflow through the heating system is not optimal. Your equipment then must expend more energy to meet your home’s heating demands. Not only does this increase heating bills, but it stresses the system, which can cause breakdowns – another expense that adds to your annual heating costs.

If you’re aiming for savings this winter, Climate Control can assist you. Have one of our NATE-certified heating technicians perform a furnace tune-up today, and upgrade your old thermostat to a programmable thermostat built for savings! Call us today to learn more.