Like furnaces, boilers need preventative maintenance prior to heating season to ensure they will perform effectively throughout the winter. Residential and commercial boilers should be professionally inspected and cared for annually, preferably in the fall.

Boiler maintenance consists of these key steps:

Boiler system inspection

Our NATE-certified boiler technicians inspect the entire system, testing all components for correct functionality. If problems with certain components are detected, we can perform repairs prior to the start of heating season so your boiler will be ready to heat your home when you need it.

Cleaning and care for boilers

During preventative maintenance, the boiler system will be cleaned and tuned up to optimize its performance over the winter months. Moving components are lubricated to prevent friction and excessive energy consumption. Flues and chimneys, burners, heating elements, and other components receive a thorough cleaning to remove soot, dirt, and debris which can hamper system performance.

Your boiler technician will also replace the system’s filter, if necessary. When in use, your boiler’s filter should be changed every 30 to 60 days to maintain efficiency and indoor air quality.

Carbon monoxide testing

Carbon monoxide is a natural byproduct of the combustion process. Normally, it is safely vented away from your home to protect your family. If boiler components are not working correctly or chimneys are blocked, carbon monoxide can back up into your home, putting your family at risk of health issues or even death. Our technicians will test carbon monoxide levels to ensure they are within the safe range.

We recommend carbon monoxide detectors be installed on every floor of Lexington homes using boiler heating.

If your Lexington home depends on a boiler system for heat, make sure your system is professionally maintained to ensure optimal performance and energy efficiency over the winter. Call Climate Control today to schedule preventative maintenance for your residential boiler.