Fall is a strange time of year – hot one day, and frigid the next. It can be tempting to turn your heating system on when those first cold winds blow through, but the next day, you may find your home in need of cooling!

If you can resist turning your heating system on until cool weather is here for good, you will save energy and keep household expenses lower. Try some of these energy saving measures to keep warm without heating your home.

  • Find and seal air leaks. Through gaps and cracks around your home, cool air can enter and warm indoor air can escape. Sealing air leaks now will keep your home warmer throughout fall and winter, and will help your home retain more of the heat your heating system produces once you turn it on. Seal around windows, door frames, pipes running to the outside of your home, and any spots where you notice openings to the interior.
  • Adjust window coverings. When warm indoor air comes into contact with cool window panes, heat is lost. Covering windows with thermal curtains and shades for the fall and winter months can keep your interiors warmer by preventing heat loss. Switch out your light summer curtains for thermal coverings now to stay warm indoors.
  • Add layers. Instead of turning on your furnace, heat pump, or boiler, add layers to keep your body warmer. Dig out your sweaters and fuzzy socks, and add a heavy blanket to your bed to hold heat near your body, making you feel warmer without heat from your heating system.

Before heating season begins, call Climate Control to schedule preventative maintenance for your heating system, performed by our NATE-certified heating system technicians. Preventative maintenance protects your heating system from breakdowns, and will improve its performance and efficiency throughout heating season.