No Lexington resident wants a smelly home – when smells seem to originate from your cooling system, many feel as they are just stuck to deal with it! Don’t allow air conditioner smells to go unchecked, as their source could be hazardous to your health with continued exposure.

What Causes Air Conditioner Smells?

Smells coming through your air conditioner vent are often caused by mold and mildew growth or trapped contaminants somewhere within the air conditioning system. As air circulates through your cooling system, it passes over the source of the smell, picking up particles, and moves them into areas of your home. You’ll suffer from a dirtier indoor environment along with the smells, and possible health issues caused by exposure to mold.

Where Are Air Conditioner Smells Coming From?

Your system’s evaporator coils are a common location within a cooling system where mold and mildew may form. The coils are dark, damp, and caked with debris if not cleaned regularly – this combination is ideal for mold grown. As air passes over the evaporator coils during the cooling process, it’s inevitable that some mold particles will be picked up and transported into the home. There, you will smell that distinct moldy smell, and could begin to suffer health symptoms related to mold exposure.

Air filters are another source of air conditioner smells. If they aren’t changed routinely, they won’t have the capacity to trap odorous contaminants, and those particles will travel back to the home’s interiors where you’ll smell it.

Preventing Air Conditioner Smells

You can prevent air conditioner smells in the home by following a strict cooling system maintenance routine. Have your evaporator coils professionally cleaned annually to remove mold and debris. Replace your air filter on the schedule recommended by the filter manufacturer, if not more frequently depending on your home’s needs.

If you notice odors whenever your air conditioning system operates, contaminants somewhere within the system are likely to blame. Let Climate Control of Lexington perform the services you need to eliminate odors for scentless home comfort – call us to schedule service today!