If you see moisture dripping from your air conditioning vents, find a puddle on the floor below a vent, or discover water marks on the wall or ceiling where an AC vent is located, you likely have a problem with condensing moisture in your Lexington home or commercial building.

Why Do My Air Conditioner Vents Drip Water?

Dripping water from air conditioner vents occurs when the temperature of cool air rises to its dew point. At the dew point, water vapor within cool air will condense to form water droplets, which you see leaking from your home or business’s vents.

A few different issues can cause moisture in the air to condense, leaving water dripping from air conditioning vents:

  • If air leaks are present in the duct system, warm air can seep inside where it will mix with the cooler air circulating through the ducts. This warm air raises the cool air’s temperature to the dew point, leaving water at the air conditioning vents as air exits the duct system.
  • If the ductwork or vent boots are uninsulated or under-insulated, the air flowing through the duct system won’t maintain its cool temperature as it circulates. The air temperature may rise to the point where it hits its dew point, causing water to form.

Damage Caused by Leaking Air Conditioner Vents

Ignoring leaking air conditioner vents can lead to serious damage. Moisture in the ducts can cause mold to grow, while moisture leaking from the vents can damage the surrounding walls and ceiling.  The temperature drop of your air supply within the ducts will force your air conditioner to run longer to cool your home or business to the desired temperature; this places stress on the equipment and expends more energy, increasing your utility bills and your chance of a system breakdown.

If you have noticed the signs of leaking air conditioner vents in your Lexington home or business, contact Climate Control for professional assistance resolving the root issue responsible for your condensation issue.