While the current Lexington temperatures may not feel like it, summer is on its way out – soon you’ll be swapping your air conditioner use out with heating to keep your home or business comfortable during the cool days ahead. Don’t put off your furnace’s preventative maintenance tune-up; if you wait, you could run into a lack of heating when you’re ready for it!

Why schedule furnace preventative maintenance now?

Having your furnace professionally maintained before the start of heating season offers a key advantage: a skilled heating technician will thoroughly inspect your furnace, finding any issues which could cause the system to fail when you turn it on for the first time. We can resolve those malfunctions now in addition to performing a system tune-up, so you won’t be in for a surprise on the first cold day of fall.

It’s always a good idea to schedule furnace maintenance ahead of heating season for this reason, but if you don’t, we don’t advise skipping it – it’s better to have your furnace professionally maintained after the start of heating season than not at all.

Why have your furnace professionally maintained?

Professional preventative furnace maintenance will allow your system to perform better, eliminating the issues which lead to poor comfort control and high energy consumption. Our technicians evaluate the entire heating system, performing tasks such as cleaning the blower chamber, tightening electrical connections, testing safety equipment, and lubricating motor bearings. This care removes obstacles which place stress on the heating system, causing it to pull more energy while heating your home or business.

After your furnace maintenance visit, you’ll find that your system will perform at peak levels and expend less energy – professional furnace maintenance is a key step for lowering winter heating bills!

Schedule your preventative furnace maintenance visit with the NATE-certified furnace technicians at Climate Control today! Stay on top of essential system maintenance each season with a preventative maintenance agreement – call us to learn more.