Soon it’ll be time to say goodbye to the steamy Lexington summer. Home and business owners in the area rejoice when they can finally shut off their air conditioners for the year – partly because of high energy costs!

Once you shut down your air conditioner, you’ll have a few weeks of mild temperatures where you won’t need your cooling or heating systems at all – this period is the perfect time to have such systems upgraded and replaced! And, replacing your old furnace and air conditioner with an efficient heat pump system will allow you to save energy and money, no matter the season!

Year-round comfort from your heat pump

Heat pumps work to keep Lexington homes and commercial buildings comfortable throughout all four seasons. These systems move heat from one area to another, rather than generating heat as a furnace or boiler does, giving a heat pump the capacity to condition indoor air for heating as well as cooling. Heat pumps are energy efficient and help Lexington residents save energy throughout the year.

Schedule installation sooner rather than later

It may sound crazy to think about heating system installation now when air conditioners are still in use, but it’s actually a really smart idea! We recommend you start looking into your options now so you have more time to choose what is best for your home or business, and its occupants – this will save you from being forced to make a quick purchase and possibly unfavorable decision when faced with a system breakdown later on in the season.

Scheduling installation of a new heat pump system in early fall will provide you the most flexibility. We’re not slammed with installation work during this time, so your system can be installed sooner, at a time which works best for you!

If you’re considering a new heat pump for your Lexington home or business, Climate Control will be happy to assist you – our NATE-certified technicians will perform quality installation of your new system, and we’ll have you up and running well before those cool fall nights come! Contact us today to learn more.