The buildings which house Lexington businesses vary greatly in terms of design, construction, and usage. What was built for another’s specifications may be home to a business with different needs, and some businesses require a space to house equipment and product as well as their office staff.

With all the different ways a commercial building is utilized, it can be easy for building owners to waste energy and money on commercial HVAC system use. Zoning systems are an energy-smart solution which can help owners curb excess energy use and save big.

Many buildings are operating one air conditioner and one heating system for the whole place. This is often wasteful because the different areas within one commercial space have different comfort needs; a showroom should be kept at one temperature, while an empty stock room has another requirement. Using your standard HVAC systems, one thermostat sets the temperature for the entire building, regardless of what is needed and where.

Zoning systems can be installed to work with existing or new commercial HVAC systems to split the building into zones. Determined by factors such as the usage of each space, construction type, and other common characteristics, you’ll have the ability to set temperatures in each area without impacting conditions across the building.

We use programmable thermostats as each zone’s control over heating and cooling use. Use the programmable thermostat in each zone to set energy-smart schedules to eliminate system waste. If certain areas of your building don’t require the same climate regulation as others, adjust accordingly. If one area is staffed over different hours than another, program setback schedules to initiate when these areas are vacant.

Zoning your Lexington commercial building will allow you to conserve energy and lower your business’s operating costs without sacrificing the comfort of your employees. Call Climate Control today to learn more about commercial HVAC zoning solutions.