If your Lexington home’s still heating up when you’re trying to cool it down, your air conditioner won’t be very successful! As heat is added to the home, through a variety of sources, your air conditioner will expend more energy to do the work. Reducing your home’s cooling load (how much cooling is needed to maintain humidity and temperature levels indoors) will help your air conditioner operate at its expected efficiency levels throughout the summer – here’s what you can do to help:

  1. Switch to more efficient light bulbs

CFL and LED bulbs not only use significantly less electricity than incandescent bulbs – they also produce far less heat. While it varies by wattage, incandescent bulbs can react temperatures up to 500 degrees when in use! Not only would these temperatures be dangerous to your touch, but this heat is emitted into the surrounding areas – the rooms you’re trying to keep cool throughout the day.

This summer, trade out your incandescent lightbulbs for more efficient LED or CFL bulbs. They operate at much lower temperatures, keeping your home cooler, and consume less energy, also lowering your lighting bills – lowering energy consumption for two of your home’s biggest energy-using systems, HVAC and lighting.

  1. Keep hot air outside

Many homeowners are diligent about keeping doors and windows closed as much as possible during the summer months, but even when you keep them shut, hot air may still infiltrate your home through cracks surrounding them. The space between doors and door jambs, between frames and walls may allow hot, humid outdoor air to seep right in, raising your indoor temperatures and increasing the load for your cooling system.

Prevent this from happening by inspecting these common problem areas for cracks. Visually inspect around each door and window for offending cracks, and seal them up with the proper material.

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