When Lexington heats up for the summer, homeowners search for ways to keep their homes cooler without breaking the bank. Many turn to if found online which claim to cool the home for less – in reality, these tricks could be costing you more money! We’ve put together some information on common air conditioning myths and what you should do instead to save money.

An air conditioner on all day DOES NOT generate savings

Some say that keeping the home at a lower temperature while you’re away will cost you less than cooling it down from high temperatures once you return – this is a very costly misconception, as running your air conditioner more frequently throughout the day to maintain lower temperatures will cost you more money while no one is home to benefit from the cooling.

Instead, use your programmable thermostat to set back temperatures 10-15 degrees while you’re gone to save money, and add a program that will bring temperatures back down to your comfort levels approximately 15 minutes before you return home.

Setting your thermostat super low DOES NOT cool your home faster

Some people think that by cranking down the thermostat to a super-low temperature, the air conditioner will work faster – that’s not how an air conditioner works. The air conditioning system works to cool the home until the thermostat set point is reached; setting it lower than you actually need will just increase the amount of time the air conditioner runs, burning energy and money.

Instead, set your thermostat at a comfortable temperature, and wait patiently while the system cools your home.

Fan use DOES NOT keep your home cooler when you’re not there

Ceiling fans don’t actually generate cooling; they work with the air cooled by the air conditioning system to make your body feel cooler. Keeping them running when you’re gone, and while your air conditioner is set back, won’t do anything but waste energy.

Instead, turn your ceiling fans off whenever you leave the room, and turn them back on when you re-enter.

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