The condensate drain in your Lexington home allows moisture generated by your air conditioner to exit the system and your house. When it is clogged, water can back up, causing damage to your cooling system and your home. Below, we’ll tell you more about condensate drain clogs and how to spot them.

The Condensate Drain’s Function

As the name says, the condensate drain system allows condensation to effectively drain out of your air conditioning system and home. The drip pan catches condensation generated by your cooling coils, and that moisture exits the system through the attached condensate drain line. Moisture travels through the line and drains out of the home through a nearby drain, typically located on the floor.

How Condensate Drains Become Clogged

Condensate drain lines and drip pans can become clogged by debris in your air conditioning system – the main culprit of these clogs are mold and mildew which can form inside the air conditioner. Signs of condensate drain clogs include:

• Water around your drip pan / overflowing drip pan
• Humidity in the home, caused by excess moisture backed up in the system

Damage Caused By Condensate Drain Clogs

Water damage can be easily caused by a condensate drain clog. When moisture spills out of the drip pan, it flows to the surrounding areas; when your air conditioning components are located in an interior utility closet or finished basement, your furniture, floor coverings, and other items could be compromised. The water damage generated by a condensate drain clog is typically more expensive to repair than the HVAC tech’s bill to fix the clog.

If clogs are not fixed, they can do more serious damage. The water backup will flood your air conditioning system, forcing its components to work under stressed conditions to clear the clog, which could damage them. Structural damage to your home is even possible if your home is exposed to this moisture for long periods of time.

If you’ve noticed the signs of a condensate drain clog, call Climate Control right away. Our technicians can clear the clog and clean out your drain lines so your air conditioning system and condensate drain will work properly.