Many Lexington home and business owners choose to upgrade their air conditioning systems for improved energy efficiency and comfort. Did you know that by installing a zoning system with your new air conditioner, you can optimize the positive impact your new cooling system will have on both your comfort and your energy bills?

A zoning system splits a home or workplace into multiple zones, based on commonalities such as use, location, or construction. The temperature in each zone can be controlled on its own; adjusting the thermostat in one area won’t throw off the temperatures all over the residence or building.

A new air conditioner can offer better efficiency and operation, compared to an older, failing system. A new zoning system offers better control over the new system, helping you maximize the benefits you are buying it for. With specific control over individual areas, you can create ideal indoor conditions in each area, cut cooling to areas not in use, and account for the differing comfort preferences of all family members or employees. Zoning not only maximizes indoor comfort – individual comfort control also conserves energy, further enhancing cooling system efficiency and lowering your energy bills.

When should I install a zoning system?

When you have a new air conditioner installed is a perfect opportunity to also have a zoning system installed. The zone control system can be tailored to the needs of the new air conditioning unit to improve comfort and efficiency. Having the zoning system installed with the new HVAC system instead of later will allow you to optimize efficiency and comfort from day one, though zoning systems can be retrofit should you decide to add one later.

If you’re due to upgrade the air conditioner in your Lexington home or business, let the cooling experts at Climate Control also outfit your residence or commercial space with a new zoning system which will optimize the cooling efficiency offered by your new air conditioner.