When replacing an aging air conditioning system or upgrading to an energy efficient one, Lexington homeowners should consider ductless cooling before making a purchase decision. Never heard of ductless air conditioning? No problem – below you’ll learn how these systems work and why your neighbors are trusting their home comfort to ductless solutions.

How Ductless AC Systems Work

As the name suggests, ductless air conditioners require no ducts, unlike a central air system. They are composed of an exterior unit as well as a number of interior blowers. The exterior unit operates much like the condenser unit of a central air system; it houses the system’s condenser, condenser fan, and compressor. Or, a heat pump can be used.

Each exterior unit can support up to four interior blowers. Each blower contains coils, an air filter, and refrigerant line. One blower should be installed for every room or zone in your home; the blower unit will work with the exterior unit to provide cooling for that specific area whenever called for.

Ductless Cooling Benefits

Installing a ductless air conditioning system can provide Lexington homeowners with several advantages, including:

Lower installation costs: Because no ductwork is required, a ductless cooling system may be the most affordable solution in homes with no existing ductwork or ductwork which requires repair. With a central air conditioner, ductwork is a must.

Optional heating: If you wish, your ductless air conditioning system can be installed with a heat pump. This will allow the system to not only cool your home, but heat it as well. If you have a furnace to replace or upgrade now or in the future, going ductless may save you thousands.

Zoned cooling: Because each room or area of the home is equipped with its own indoor blower, you’ll have the power to control cooling in these zones separately from one another. Adjusting the temperature in one area won’t throw off conditions in others, which could cause discomfort and energy waste.

If you are interested in a new ductless air conditioning system for your Lexington area home, call Climate Control today. We provide elite installation services for high-quality ductless AC systems, and would be happy to provide you with an estimate for your home.