When it comes to air conditioning, most of us think only of the cool air it blasts on a hot Lexington day – but did you know that your air conditioner also helps keep humidity levels inside your home or business in check? By removing heat and humidity, your air conditioner works hard to create the ideal indoor climate during those hot days.

How do air conditioners remove humidity?

Your air conditioner’s evaporator coils work hard to pull excess moisture from the air inside your home or business. As warm air passes over the coils, the water vapor in the air condenses. The condensation is separated from the air supply, so the cooled air moved into your living areas has a lower moisture content. The condensation then drains outside of the building.

How does humidity control keep me cool?

Moisture retains heat, so when the humidity levels inside your home or business are too high, it will also feel warmer inside. Your body naturally sweats to cool itself, but when the air around you is too humid, your perspiration will have a hard time evaporating – instead, it will remain on your skin, holding heat close to your body instead of expelling it.

When you feel warmer, you are probably going to turn down your thermostat, which tells your air conditioner to work harder. Excessive humidity takes more energy to remove, raises your cooling bill, and places more stress on your air conditioner, which can lead to breakdowns.

As your air conditioner removes excessive humidity from the air supply indoors, you’ll feel more comfortable since your body heat will be able to disperse properly. Controlling the humidity levels inside will help you feel cooler at higher temperatures, which may make it possible for you to set back your thermostat and save some money without sacrificing comfort.

If your Lexington air conditioner isn’t effectively managing humidity levels inside your home or office, it’s time to call Climate Control for assistance. We will perform quality air conditioner repairs to resolve any problems standing in the way of your comfort, or direct you to a more effective humidity control solution for your space