Summer will arrive in Lexington before we know it, and you’ll be cranking up the AC to stay comfortable. While temperatures are still mild, we recommend scheduling a Spring Clean & Check for your air conditioner system, which will help it perform better and more efficiently over the summer months. During a Spring Clean & Check, our NATE-certified technicians perform a wide range of maintenance tasks to thoroughly care for your air conditioner. We check, clean, and calibrate components, test safety equipment, and give your entire system a complete inspection. Our technicians will fill you in on their findings and take steps to resolve any issues.

Annual air conditioner maintenance benefits

Your Spring Clean & Check is a minor investment that will pay you back big time, in terms of air conditioner performance and system life. Some of the important benefits annual air conditioner maintenance provides are: •

Lower cooling costs:

A Spring Clean & Check can save you 20 percent on your cooling costs this summer! Your system can become burdened by dirt as well as wear and tear each season; if these issues are left uncorrected, your system won’t operate as efficiently and require more energy to keep your home cool. The care measures we perform correct performance problems so that your air conditioner system will operate efficiently, and your cooling bills won’t be excessive. •

Avoid unexpected repairs:

You wouldn’t believe how many calls we get on the first hot Lexington summer day from customers who find their air conditioners do not work! With a Spring Clean & Check, we will find any problems that could cause your air conditioner to fail or require repair during the coming months, and perform necessary repairs so that your air conditioner will be up and running when you need it most!

Longer air conditioner life:

By eliminating issues that stress your air conditioner, regular air conditioner maintenance can allow your air conditioner to operate for many seasons. Air conditioners which do not undergo regular maintenance are likely to be plagued by increased repair needs and early system death. Mark air conditioner maintenance off your spring to-do list by calling Climate Control today to schedule your Spring Clean & Check!