Residential and commercial boilers in Lexington heat water in order to heat interior spaces. When leaks occur within the system, pressure inside the system will fall; leaks will affect your boiler’s ability to heat your home or business properly.

Spotting Boiler Leaks

Boiler leaks can be quite obvious to undetectable. Puddles of water near your boiler system are a strong indicator of a leak, but in some cases, leaking water may evaporate, making it nearly impossible for you to notice the leak. NATE-certified boiler technicians are skilled in diagnosing boiler leaks, finding major and minor leaks as well as performing the necessary repairs. Because boiler leaks can be hard to spot, if your boiler isn’t performing properly, it’s a smart idea to have your system inspected by a professional.

Causes of Boiler Leaks

Excessive pressure. If pressure within the boiler system exceeds the appropriate levels, it will stress system components. This stress could strain the system so much that leaks can occur.
Cracks. Cracks within the boiler can create system leaks. Older boilers are often affected by cracks which occur after years of use. Cracks in the body of your boiler means you’ll need to replace the system.
Bad joints or seals. When seals and joints within the system wear down, they may be breached, causing a leak.
Malfunctioning circulator pump. The circulator pump is the component that sends water through the boiler system in your home or business. If it’s not moving water through the system properly, pressure can build up, damaging seals and joints until they spring leaks.
Rust. Rust and corrosion can often affect the seals of older boilers, but no boiler system is completely safe from this threat. Rust and corrosion can damage components enough to compromise them, causing leaks to form.

If the boiler inside your Lexington home or business is leaking, contact Climate Control right away. Our NATE-certified boiler repair specialists will perform the needed repairs to resolve the problem. Call us today to schedule boiler repair service.