Humidifiers are on in full force throughout Lexington, counteracting dry winter air by adding moisture inside homes and businesses. They have a great impact on your comfort during the cold season, as they reduce annoying static and keep you healthier, while preventing damage to sensitive woodwork throughout your home or building.

In order to keep them working properly, whole home humidifiers need preventative maintenance each year. Climate Control offers professional humidifier maintenance services to help you care for your system properly. The essential steps we take to service your humidifier include:

We clean your humidifier. Water is constantly moving through the components of your whole home humidifier, leaving behind sediment from minerals in the water that can damage the system. To prevent mineral buildup from restricting the function of your humidifier, our technicians will clean system components to eliminate scale. If components, such as the solenoid or orifice, have been harmed by mineral buildup, we will replace them with new parts.
We replace your humidifier’s water panel. As water flows through your whole home humidifier, sediment is caught by the unit’s water panel, or filter. Just as a clogged air filter can restrict air movement through your heating and cooling systems, sediment can clog the water panel, preventing water from moving through the system correctly. To make sure clogged water panels don’t stop you from receiving the humidification you need during the winter, our technicians will replace your humidifier’s water panel during the maintenance visit.
We will make sure your humidifier is level. In order for your whole home humidifier to run effectively, the unit must be level. The humidifier can be knocked off a level plane if it isn’t installed correctly, or if it has been hit. During the preventative maintenance visit, our technicians will check to verify that your whole home humidifier is level, and adjust it if we find it is off.

Schedule preventative maintenance for your Lexington whole home humidifier today! Climate Control will be happy to service your system in order to improve performance and protect against system damage.