Lexington home and business owners looking for efficient and reliable heating options should consider a hybrid heating system. Hybrid heating systems, also known as dual fuel heating systems, combine a combustion furnace that utilizes a fossil fuel such as natural gas or heating oil, with an electric heat pump to create a hybrid heating system.

Hybrid heating basics

With the ability to utilize the two different heating methods, a hybrid heating system can utilize the system which will operate most efficiently depending on the outside weather conditions. Heat pumps are very economical for heating homes and businesses during mild or chilly temperatures. The heat pump extracts heat from the outdoor air to heat indoor spaces — believe it or not, there is still plenty of heat in the air outside, even though it may not feel like it! When outdoor temperatures drop lower, the fuel-fired furnace will switch on. This equipment heats spaces more efficiently when temperatures are frigid, whereas an electric resistance heating system would be less efficient when outdoor temperatures are below the balance point of the heat pump; this balance point is usually between 30 degrees and 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Hybrid heating benefits • Energy savings: By heating your home or business with the most efficient method, a hybrid heating system can save you approximately 10 percent on your heating costs, depending on your utility rates. • Consistent comfort: Utilizing a heat pump system when outdoor temperatures are very low may not provide you with the level of warmth you desire. A hybrid heating system will utilize the furnace to provide heat in these instances, which can keep your indoor areas warm and toasty.

Furnaces can heat air much hotter than a heat pump; air heated by a furnace is about 135 degrees Fahrenheit, while air from a heat pump is only about 105 degrees Fahrenheit. To learn more about hybrid heating for your Lexington home or business, contact Climate Control today.