Commercial buildings rely on heating and cooling units to keep facilities safe, comfortable, and productive. Packaged units are an excellent option for businesses, and there are a number of options available to meet the needs of your commercial space.

About Packaged Units

Packaged units hold all system components together in one convenient “package.” Heating and cooling equipment is housed in a durable metal cabinet. These units are installed either on the exterior of the building or on the rooftop, in which case the area on the roof where the unit will be installed is reinforced so it can hold the weight of the unit without compromise.

Packaged units are available in a large or small footprint. Packaged units are available in multiple configurations, including:

• Gas heating and electric air conditioning
• Packaged air conditioning, which includes the air handler and air conditioner components
• Packaged heat pump units, which includes the heat pump and air handler components
• Dual fuel or Hybrid units, which include a heat pump and gas heating components

Packaged Unit Benefits

Many Lexington businesses utilized packaged heating and cooling systems for the many benefits they offer, including:

Accessibility: With all heating and cooling components housed in one location, the entire system can be easily accessed for routine maintenance and repairs.
Space Saver: Commercial space can be expensive! With a packaged unit installed on the rooftop of your facility, you can dedicate more space to your business operations rather than to housing heating and cooling components indoors.
Theft Protection: Commercial HVAC units are a prime target for theft and vandalism. With a packaged unit located on the rooftop, your business is less susceptible to loss due to theft and damage.

The commercial heating and cooling professionals at Climate Control will be happy to assist you in selecting a new packaged unit which fits the needs of your facility. Contact us today to discuss your upcoming heating or cooling project.