So you’re planning to sell your Lexington home in the near future. You may have a list going already of the improvements you want to make to make your home more desirable; one thing that likely isn’t on there even though it probably should be is replacing your older HVAC system. A new HVAC system is a smart investment for any homeowner, adding value and sought after features to your home.

Replacing your HVAC system though you’re about to sell

Many homeowners neglect to consider HVAC replacements when considering selling their homes, especially when they are still functioning alright. Some don’t want to spend the money replacing the system because they won’t be in the home long enough to enjoy it. While you may not be there to enjoy the comfort it will provide, you can enjoy the value it will add to your home, which will likely translate into better offers from potential buyers.

Adding quality, energy efficient heating and cooling systems to your home creates a house with lower operating costs compared to homes with aging furnaces and inefficient air conditioners. While potential sellers probably aren’t going to fork over the cost of a new geothermal system, you may be surprised how affordable new conventional heating and cooling equipment can be. By replacing the HVAC system yourself, you’re taking one step off a buyer’s to-do list, which can boost their offer and perhaps sell your home faster.

HVAC for home buyers

If you’re thinking about buying a home in the Lexington area, you should certainly consider the HVAC systems of any house you are interested in purchasing. Have a skilled HVAC technician evaluate the existing equipment in the home before making an offer. If a home has an aging or malfunctioning system, it may be to your benefit to ask the seller to replace these systems now. That way, they’ll be ready for you when you move in and you won’t have to deal with the process yourself.

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