Lexington home and business owners increasingly turn to boiler heating because of their reliability and longevity. But, as with any piece of equipment, problems can occur. One way you can detect boiler problems is by listening for abnormal sounds coming from the system. Here’s a look at common noises that warrant a call for boiler service.

My boiler sounds like a teapot

Kettling is a boiler problem marked by a system noise which sounds like a teapot boiling. It’s caused when lime scale builds up on the unit’s heat exchanger, a problem common when hard water is used in the system. The lime scale buildup will restrict water flow through the heat exchanger and must be removed for the boiler to function properly. It may also damage your boiler to the point of needing a new heat exchanger.

My boiler is rumbling

A rumbling noise coming from the boiler is another sign of kettling; you may notice a rumble before you notice the marked whistling associated with a boiling teapot.

In oil-fired boilers, when rumbling occurs when the system shuts down, it could be a sign of an oil pump malfunction.

My boiler is making gurgling sounds

Gurgling may be heard throughout the home or business, in the pipes of the boiler heating system. Gurgling is created by air bubbles, which restrict water flow through the pipes. These air bubbles also create uneven heating, which is another boiler trouble symptom that accompanies gurgling sounds. To resolve the problem, air will need to be removed from the system by a qualified boiler technician.

My boiler makes banging noises when firing up

If bangs or booms come from your boiler when the system starts, delayed ignition or oil pump issues are likely problems. In these scenarios, there is too much fuel igniting inside the boiler’s combustion chamber. This can be quite dangerous, so you should call for boiler repair as soon as you notice these sounds.

If your Lexington boiler is making suspicious sounds, contact Climate Control today for quick and reliable boiler repair.