A new heating system doesn’t come cheap, leading Lexington homeowners to search for a good deal when it comes time to replace aging furnaces and heat pumps. Mistakenly, many homeowners search for the lowest price, but price isn’t the only factor which makes a purchase a good deal! When it comes to purchasing a new heating system, consider the following:

Why is the price low?

Furnaces and heat pumps are available at a range of price points. Pricing differences are typically due to capacity and efficiency of the models; highly efficient heating systems typically have a higher price tag than lower efficiency models, though it will cost you much less to operate high efficiency equipment versus low efficiency equipment. Due to higher heating costs, it may not be the best deal to purchase a low efficiency heating system with a lower upfront price.

Will I qualify for rebates?

There’s a big push to get high-efficiency heating systems into homes; using these systems reduces energy use as well as household emissions. Heating equipment manufacturers, local utility providers, and other organizations may offer rebates for purchasing and installing qualifying heating systems. It may be a better deal to purchase heating equipment which qualifies for such rebates, offsetting the cost of the new system.

Is my contractor qualified?

Without proper installation, it doesn’t matter how excellent the stats are on your new system — it just won’t operate how you expect. Quality installation is essential to the success of your new heating equipment. It is important to choose a contractor who is skilled in installing the type of system you wish to purchase.

Having new heating equipment installed by an unqualified contractor will cost you more in the long run, no matter what kind of deal they’re offering you. Improperly installed systems operate less efficiently, and are more likely to experience breakdowns. Issues caused by improper installation place more stress on the heating system, leading to shorter service life.

Climate Control is committed to giving our Lexington customers the best deal around when it’s time to purchase new heating equipment. For quality equipment and expert installation, contact us today.