Furnace problems can be troublesome for Lexington home and business owners, but not all may require professional repair. Try these furnace troubleshooting tips which may be able to help you resolve issues before you call Climate Control.

Problem: My furnace won’t turn on

1. Check that your thermostat is set to “heat” mode, and set the temperature a few degrees higher than the current room temperature.

2. Check that the power switch near or on your furnace is set to “on.”

3. Check your electrical panel and make sure a breaker has not been flipped or fuse blown which could be preventing your furnace from getting power.

Problem: I’m not getting enough heat

1. Check all vents and registers throughout the home or business to make sure they are all open and not blocked by furniture, rugs, or other items.

2. Check your furnace filter, and change it if it’s dirty.

Problem: My furnace blower is running constantly

1. Check your thermostat and make sure the fan switch is set to “auto.”

2. Check your furnace filter and replace it if necessary.

Problem: My furnace cycles frequently

1. Check your furnace filter and replace it with a new clean filter if necessary.

2. Tighten your blower motor’s belt; it should be depressed approximately 1 inch in the middle.

Problem: My furnace is noisy

1. If squeaking, check the blower motor belt for proper tension and tighten if necessary or replace it if frayed.

2. If rattling, check to see that all metal panels on the furnace are secured tightly. If you can access the duct work, check to see if there are disconnections or loose joints and repair if needed.

If you’ve tried these troubleshooting tips and your furnace still isn’t operating properly, or you are uncomfortable performing the steps above, please call Climate Control today for reliable furnace repair in Lexington.