We know it can be concerning when a funny or unfamiliar smell makes its way into your Lexington home, especially if it is coming from your furnace. Some furnace smells are perfectly normal, and others are cause for concern. Below is a guide to common furnace smells, what they indicate, and what you should do about them.

Furnace burning smell

A burning smell is one of the most common furnace smells we get calls about. If you smell a slight burning smell when you first start your furnace for the season, it’s perfectly normal. It’s just the dust that has settled over the summer burning off system components. If you find the smell overpowering, try opening your doors or windows to ventilate the home. If the smell persists beyond the first few times you use your furnace, it may be indicative of another problem, so give us a call.

Musty furnace smell

If you get a musty smell coming from your vents when your furnace runs, it may be a sign that there is mold or mildew growth within your system or ductwork. This can be treated professionally by installing ultraviolet lights to kill existing growth and prevent regrowth.

Rotten egg smell from furnace

Utility companies put odorants in natural gas and liquid propane so that gas leaks can be easily detected, as these gases are normally odorless and colorless. If you smell a rotten egg smell when your furnace is operating or even when it’s off, this likely indicates a gas leak. Open windows and doors if possible and leave the home immediately. Contact your gas utility provider to locate the source of the leak; if it is coming from your furnace, contact us for a thorough inspection and repair.

Metallic or electrical furnace smells

A metallic furnace smell or electrical furnace smell may indicate that components within your furnace are overheating, which may cause them to burn. Depending on which components are involved, our furnace may automatically shut down if overheating is detected. If you experience these smells, whether or not they are accompanied by an automatic furnace shutdown, contact us for system diagnosis and repair.

Experiencing a funky furnace smell? Contact Climate Control today for fast and effective furnace repair in Lexington.