Many Lexington homes use a humidifier to keep indoor humidity levels balanced. Like your other HVAC systems, your humidifier requires some maintenance to keep it running smoothly. The water panel within your humidifier, which is used to add moisture to the air, will need to be changed to ensure the unit is functioning properly.

When to change your humidifier water panel

Most humidifier manufacturers recommend that homeowners change their humidifier’s water panel at least once every year. You may find you need to change it more frequently during the winter, when the humidifier is in use heavily. If you have hard water at home, you may need to change the water panel more often. Check both sides of your humidifier water panel monthly to determine if it needs replacement.

Problems caused by not changing your water panel

Not changing your humidifier’s water panel as recommended can lead to various problems. With normal use, the openings within your humidifier’s water panel can become filled with mineral deposits and scale, limiting airflow through the panel. If you fail to change your water panel, the problems below may result:

• No moisture is added to the home’s air supply
• The humidifier’s drain lines can become clogged, which can lead to overflowing water and flooding
• Increased static electricity and static cling, dry skin, and temperature issues caused by lack of humidity indoors
• Mold and bacteria growth
• Reduced HVAC system performance and increased strain on the system’s fan motor
• System failure

How to change your water panel

Changing the humidifier water panel can be done easily by most homeowners. First, locate the panel’s cover and remove it. Next, remove the enclosure that houses the humidifier water panel. Remove the old water panel and insert the replacement. Reinstall the enclosure and the cover, making sure each is secure.

Do you have questions about how to care for your Lexington home’s humidifier? Call Climate Control today for answers.